Soul Recovery Sessions on Maui

Remote/Phone or In-person (928) 301-2488
$150. per hour (payable via PayPal)

How would you know if Mind-Control programs, past-life Contracts or Curses had bound your free will and are still robbing you of your power? Do you feel you are a targeted individual? There should be clues you can see, feel, sense, hear and know, right?

Maybe trouble sleeping, or waking up at the exact time every night, what about tortured dreams? Do you suffer from incessant unkind internal dialogue, voices with negative ideas? Mysterious pain or rashes and bizarre marks suddenly appear? Are you afraid of the dark? Monsters and/or Aliens troubling you? Do you believe you have been abducted by aliens? Ritually abused? Do you feel that you are without life purpose? All of these are the symptoms of soul loss and soul theft.

What is the solution? Reclaiming your soul which is the power that is your OWN free-will through a session or workshop!

How is this self power best retrieved from the past and your free-will restored? Only with re-unification to the authentic soul parts of your true self. Those pieces are lost due to traumatic events through out your many lives. Just think of how often you have given away your heart in this life. How many times have you been badgered or berated into giving away your power of voice and will at home, school or work. How much of your free-will power is left? If you have been in the military or at war then you have even more of yourself to regain. We can help you with all thisWe teach you to recover your own soul through the use of our powerful and authentic Soul Recovery techniques.

Bringing back and re-unifying with these forgotten Soul parts of the self enables the mind to re-learn the experience and meaning of self-love, and of the ability of being able to express Loving-Kindness to the all beings everywhere.

By accepting Total Personal Responsibility for all words, thoughts and deeds you have ever created in any lifetime, then by recovery of all parts of the Soul that were lost, stolen or traded; the fabric of the soul begins to reconnect. The Authentic Self is Restored.

Soul Recovery is a highly assistive self improvement tool. When your Soul's energy returns to your body, it reawakens you to your true life. Not the one implied by society, religion, color or country! You can begin to see what Love and Life really are. The things you love or or loved about yourself return to you as Intention, Possibility and Joy.

Now is the moment to pick up your life's momentum and this Spiritual Technology, Soul Recovery, provides the vehicle for your journey into healing and completeness. This is Spiritual work that you can experience now.

Shaman Seth guides your journey into your past lives in order to recover those Soul fragments you have left behind due to any traumatic event and to heal the individuals involved with you in that time frame. You yourself journey there with intentional inner viewing and learn to reslove the issue for yourself. Healing the past is healing the present/future, healing yourself is healing your relationships, understanding your purpose in life is understanding the entire creation and the life it serves through you.

All problems are the result of incorrect action in other lifetimes. Only Soul Recovery can alter what you are now receiving as your destiny and fate. You are getting exactly what you deserve, isn't it time you deserved and received more..Forgiveness, Release and Love. You are the reason the creation exists. It is your dream, your illusion and your part is to wake up from it.

In-Person and remote Sessions generally take full hour+.

Total Personal Responsibility to all Beings, Loving-Kindness and Soul Recovery from all lifetimes is sent with love.
Forgiveness and Release of all our relations in all realities and time-lines. forgiveness to all haters and backstabbers.

Soul Recovery Sessions
Remote/Phone or In-person

(928) 301-2488